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Edibles Review: Leafs by Snoop – Milk Chocolate Bar

Edibles infused with cannabis are my preferred way to participate and I was in the mood so I stopped by the Medicine Man Dispensary in Aurora Colorado to purchase one of the new Leafs by Snoop products.

As a longtime fan of Snoop Dogg and knowing he is right up there with Willie Nelson with regard to his Cannabis street cred, I wanted to try one of his new products.

When I first got up to the counter, the Bud Tender asked me what I was in the mood for this evening and I told him I wanted to try some Edibles.

Pointing to a large display on the back wall, he moved through the different brands and then broke out a small counter top display of little clear plastic cube shaped boxes each filled with a different edible item from the Leafs by Snoop line.  He showed me Hard Candies, Gummies, Fruit Chews, Peanut Butter Gems and Confectionary Bars.  He said there were also Wax, Shatter and Flower available as well.  I was in the mood for chocolate and focused my attention on the Confectionary Bars.

Leafs by Snoop Marijuana Infused Edibles
Leafs by Snoop Chocolate Bar Product Line

Edibles Review

All of the six flavors looked amazing but I am a big chocolate fan and was torn between Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Almonds.  I had access to a couple of the Bud Tenders that evening and they raved about Snoop’s product stating “the actual confectionary chocolate quality was amazing” so I decided to try the Milk Chocolate Bar.  An added benefit was that Medicine Man was offering a 25% discount on the Leafs by Snoop product line.  However, I am disappointed that Medicine Man did not honor their Monday special on the Leafs by Snoop products.  On Mondays, Medicine Man has a daily special where they offer out a buy one get one half off on their edibles selections.  As such, I expected to pay the discounted $18 for the first bar and $9 for the second but instead paid $36 for both bars I purchased as they would not honor their daily special on the already discounted product line.  It rubbed me wrong even though I do like their stores.

Organic Ingredients

I was impressed with the ingredients used by Snoop in that they were pretty much all Organic including Organic Milk Chocolate, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cocoa Liquor and Organic Vanilla Extract.  Very impressive and that alone might steer me in Snoop’s direction again.


The packaging for the Confectionary Bars was nice but the Milk Chocolate Bar package was a little boring with a light blue background and not much flare.  However, I am more interested in what is inside than how the box looked.  I had not tried anything with this type of child proof, tamper resistant box.  I am pretty dexterous and still had trouble opening the package but once I got it open, the bar was a rich brown color and sectioned into scored triangle sections which is a nice presentation and looks classy.

Leafs by Snoop Marijuana Infused Chocolate Bar
Leafs by Snoop Chocolate Bar


The entire bar contains 80mg of THC and the bar is scored to divide into 10 individual 8mg pieces.  The Bud Tender also mentioned the CBD content was higher than most other edibles and as a result, would benefit the experience even more.  Being familiar with edibles and knowing my personal tolerances, I typically go with 10mg as my standard dosage and work from there. You could say I am more of a base 10 guy than a base 8 guy but 8 is my lucky number so what the heck, I will give it a shot.

My Experience

I broke off an individual 8mg triangle, and the chocolate smell wafted ever so slightly in the air along with the faint aroma of cannabis you would come to expect in this situation.  Being somewhat of a Chocolate Aficionado myself, I placed the rich smelling triangle on my tongue and let my own body heat do the work as it slowly melted in my mouth filling my taste buds with a very smooth and pleasant tasting chocolate experience.  As the chocolate melted, I took deep breathes through my nose engaging my olfactory senses to deepen the experience.

The Bud Tenders were right and the actual confectionary experience was much more elaborate with the Leafs by Snoop brand.  Now let’s see what happens.

Exactly 48 minutes after I ate the chocolate serving I began to feel a tingling in my extremities and a warm feeling crossed my entire body.  The high you get from edibles is different than what you get from smoking and is more of a complete body high and tends to last longer.  As I mentioned earlier, I usually start with 10mg as my dosage so I did notice a difference with the 8mg dosage for this product and as such, am tempted to try two triangles next time.

The next day I decided to try two triangle servings for a total of 16mg’s and was delighted in the difference.  Taking roughly the same amount of time to kick in, the sensations came on much stronger than before which was surprising at first but after a few minutes, it was a really nice high throughout my whole body and also in my head which doesn’t always happen with edibles.  Now that I have experienced both the single and the double dose, I know going forward that with the Leafs by Snoop brand, the 16mg’s works best for me.  As always, start with the recommended dosage first and if necessary, you can adjust the dosage by consuming more.  Be aware that the effects last for 4-6 hours so be prepared in advance.  I never felt impaired and had a lot of energy throughout the whole experience and when it was time for bed, I fell asleep quickly and slept well all night.

Overall, I was very happy with the entire experience and really enjoyed the flavor and consistency of the chocolate and would buy this brand again for sure. is a Colorado based information directory and is considered to be the best resource for the Medical Cannabis and Recreational Marijuana community.  You can reach McKeagan at

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